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News for Winter 2013
Bryan’s is so grateful that his little-indie-that-could, A BIG LOVE STORY, is now available for purchase on amazon.com and at Walmart…

Best Comedy Feature — Manhattan Film Festival
Breakout Filmmaking Honors — Newport Beach Film Festival
Best of Fest — FilmShift Festival of Boston
Best Feature — Mt. Hood Film Festival
Encore Screening — Cinequest
Audience Award — Beverly Hills Film Festival

VARIETY called Bryan (Stephan), “…an insufferable would-be poet and cheapskate,” while FAN BOY NATION said, “…See A BIG LOVE STORY. You’ll laugh, you’ll tear up, you’ll want to kill Stephan.

In Other News
Bryan steps on stage for two nights only (December 5 and 6) in his tour-de-force performance of LIVE! From the Last Night of My Life at Sacred Fools Theater.

Post-production continues on Bryan’s most recent directing effort, SHELTER.

Feature film ENEMY EMPIRE gains international distribution.

Next Up
Beginning in January, Bryan will formally begin teach acting classes in Los Angeles. More soon.

Random Fact #29

Bryan rated as an ENFP (The Inspirer) on the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

“AN ENFP is referred to as THE INSPIRER. ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it.

“ENFPs have an unusually broad range of skills and talents. They are good at most things which interest them. An ENFP needs to feel that they are living their lives as their true Self, walking in step with what they believe is right. They see meaning in everything, and are on a continuous quest to adapt their lives and values to achieve inner peace. The ENFP is usually an intense individual, with highly evolved values.”

About Myers & Briggs

M & B took Jungian psychology and made these insights accessible to individuals and groups. Some 16 personality types were identified, based solely on how a person senses and perceives the outer world. What type are you?

Introverted or Extroverted
Sensing or INtuitive
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving


Formatting, Design & Creative Problem-Solving

So it turns out that Bryan enjoys sitting
in front of a computer for long bouts of time,
when it means he can transform some idea
into something organized and singularly beautiful.

The computer is our most advanced storyteller.
One day it solves an equation (Excel), the next it refines a speech (PowerPoint), helps us write a novel (Word) or aids in designing our website (Photoshop).

Wow, he really is a nerd.

= if ( sumproduct ( design …

Bryan is active in freelance design. He specializes in advanced functions of the Microsoft Office Suite, notably Excel and PowerPoint. His template, graphic, business card, postcard and website designs have been known to make one weep, gasp, or toss coins in ovation.

No one, and I mean no one, writes a meaner vlookup.

Random Fact #54

Improv Shakespeare exists. And Bryan’s done a lot of it.

Suit the action to the word…

After acting in LITTLE RICHARD, A PLAY ABOUT A HUMP at the American Globe, Bryan was invited to improvise Shakespeare for a sold-out crowd on April 23, the Bard’s birthday. People flipped, and soon NimprovYC was formed, a long-form improv troupe that gained a reputation for Improv Shakespeare. Their weekly gig was in the small space at the famed Irish Rep, directly across the street from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

Random Fact #78

The Short Bus.

In elementary school Bryan was accepted into a special class for the “gifted and talented,” which meant he needed to travel to a special school far away from home. To facilitate said travel to said special school, Bryan was forced to ride on a special bus. The short bus.

4th Grade was a tough year.

You’ll get yours, Jeremy.

The large stick figure to the left was Jeremy Witkins, who terrorized my poor friend Brian (not me) on the soccer field more than once during 4th grade. He would run up and assault him, yelling, “Nerds, Nerds, Nerds!” in a grotesquely overdeveloped 5th grade cro-magnon voice.

Poor Brian. What rebuttal could he possibly have had?


Bryan is a dedicated and passionate student of acting. He now privately coaches, guiding professional and developing actors of all ages, empowering them towards their greatest potential in performance, audition or rehearsal. Drawing on an extensive theatrical background, Bryan marries attentive script analysis with impulsive behavioral work, igniting active, dynamic performances from his clients.


Seriously? Who’s that guy?
I don’t know. But that guy sure looks like someone I can trust…
He’s got a tie on. A powerful red tie. That red tie just screams artistic integrity.
I should probably buy a car, or some Proctor & Gamble product, from that guy.

Thank you, Dr. Huberman.

In college, I would sit open- mouthed in the front row in my Theatre History class, enthralled, as my professor delivered fire and brimstone sermons on the necessity of reading. His mantra, YOU GOTTA KNOW PLAYS, is now rooted so deeply in my brain that I assume everyone knows.

Appreciate legacy. Learn from the greats. Aspire to stand on the shoulders of their words.

Random Fact #33

Pumpkins are not your friend.

In college, one of the great superstitions of our theatre was that tragedy that would befall anyone who spoke the word PUMPKIN on stage. Why? I don’t know. But it was a theatre ritual to be upheld, like spinning around three times and spitting if you say Macbeth. (Umm, which you shouldn’t say, by the way. What are you, an *sshole?)

Well, six months later, I forgot. Said pumpkin. On stage.
Laughed it off.

And then I learned.

Pride goeth before the fall.

It was Opening Night of my very first lead in undergrad, the Gilbert & Sullivan musical RUDDIGORE. I was proud, cocky. I said pumpkin. And during a wild musical number in Act II, I fell right off the stage.

Yep. From 20 feet in the air to splat on the ground behind the set. Broke my left hand, too.I somehow finished the show, and as I was on my way to the hospital, I looked down and noticed my hand in a bucket of ice: a pumpkin bucket…

Random Fact #91

Bryan had Three (3) Rules when he was 17.

1. Don’t stand me up. I will come to your house and find you.
2. Don’t hang up on me. I will come to your house and find you.
3. Don’t ever, ever, ever, under penalty of death, make me run.

Well, Bryan has now completed two marathons and one triathlon.
And in the process, he’s raised over $8,000 for local AIDS charities.

Those rules were stupid anyway.

And do people still use the phone to speak? Just text if you need to flake.

Ciao, Loser.

My first marathon was on the cobblestoned streets of Florence, Italy. By mile 21, I was so ragged that I needed to sit down. Bad idea. My entire body seized up, and I limped the last 5 miles. Around mile 24, broken and bloody and giving it everything I could, an old Italian man, probably 96, came running past. He tossed a sad look, shook his head and said, “Bryan… Try.”

Financial Motivator

Abundance Bound

Bryan is passionate about empowering
creative people everywhere to actualize
their potential, and he knows that
artists can only lift themselves to such
heights when money is an integral part
of the dialogue. He’s spent many years
distilling heady financial concepts into
the language and perspective of the
artist, preaching of the power and
possibilities of abundance.

Stop starving, Artists.

Bryan is currently the Financial Head Coach and Creative Director of Abundance Bound, a financial education company for all creative professionals. He and his business partner Miata Edoga have taught hundreds of students from around the world, dismantling the notion of the “starving artist” and helping to build a strong, vibrant, and solvent creative community.

Learn more about us at www.abundancebound.com.

Random fact #16

Bryan still has a teddy bear.

His name is Dr. Feelgood.

Laugh it up.

Then Dr. Feelgood will kick your teddy bear’s *ss.

Don’t be a hater.

So like, B showed this page to a friend? And he was like, “You got a teddy bear? Seriously dude?” and B shrugs? So he was all, “Seriously. You’re not going to put that on your site.’ and B shrugs again! He like, like, he goes like, “Maybe.” So his friend goes, “Adorable. Do you, like, dress him up and stuff?” Haha. Well B goes red, you know? Gets up, pulls out his gat, and goes all, “Hells yes I do. Bitch. What do you do with your teddy bear?

It was cold, yo.


Theatre is magic. And I still believe.

A simple stage. Darkness.

Then an audience, actors and a story
A sacred, quiet space crackles
Our imaginations embrace its presence,
as life breathes, falls, succeeds, and explores.

Nothing can replace the connection, the intimacy,
the joy, the magic of holding an audience captive
with your intentions, wishes, wants and yearnings.

All the world’s a stage…

Bryan was also a member of his high school Forensics team (Speech and Debate). The goal was to take a play, cut it to 10 minutes, then perform all of the characters by yourself, standing in a 3’x3’ square. He became a back-to-back state champion in Humor, and won his senior year in Drama, as well. His performance of OF MICE AND MEN placed in the top 30 at the National Finals.